Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Deadly Choking Game that Teens Play

So while I am on the subject.......Here is a common game young teens play that involves no drugs but is very deadly. Another party gig that my teen has informed me of is the "choking" game. The kids actually do this at parties for fun. The kids actually have another kid cut off their oxygen until they pass out in order to get a high! Many kids play the game because there are no drugs involved, so they think its ok. The choking game is extremely dangerous, deadly, and always kills brain cells. What is really scarey is that once they get hooked on the game, they start playing it alone. Many times they hang themselves because there is no one there to help them when they pass out. Here is some good video and audio of a real case of "choking gone wrong."

If you have children or teens, please read and watch!

If you didn't catch this on the news last night, please watch the video. I believe you need flash player to view the video so it may not be available if you are using a mobile device, but definitely worth watching. Teens today are using and abusing prescription drugs and it's becoming increasingly more popular. I personally have a sixteen year old girl that has mentioned on numerous occasions that when she has been together with friends she has had the opportunity to partake in illegal prescription drug use. Thankfully she has not done this to date. However there are teens out there stealing their parents prescription drugs, then selling them, or giving them to their friends at parties. Please do not think that your kid is not, or will not be exposed to these drugs because they will at some point. It is important that you educate them on what is out there and the potiential consequences of experimenting with these drugs or acts for whatever reason, whether it is out of curiosity or just to be cool. Here is the video.....