Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why Nutrition?

Hi to all,

Well I've wanted to start this blog for a long time and now I am finally doing it! I sincerely hope that people will join in. This blog is intended encourage people who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Many of us don't realize how important it is to give our bodies the right nutrients until we feel sick or even worse become extremely ill. Many times poor nutrition not only affects our body but also our mood, how other people perceive us, and in the case of overweight our ability to find work or even have relationships. So, how we take care of ourselves really affects every aspect of our life. I would like to read about other peoples stories, book reviews, recipes------------anything you want to talk about!

On another note (I don't want to ruffle any feathers) the more I learn about what alcohol does to our bodies, the more I want to never drink again. I know that is a strong statement. I enjoy a great glass of red just like so many but I do it less and less. That is something I will be discussing here on the blog and I invite your comments and stories.

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  1. On the topic of nutrition. Many people are finding themselves stuck with taking medication to solve their problems, especially those dealing whith mental health problems. Many of these include depression, anxiety and even some bipolar symptoms. I read an interesting article about a young journalist and his journey through bipolar and his hope of getting well without medication and even with out herbs and supplements (which, by the way, can have just as many side affects as medicine.) He went to many different doctors to find alternative routes and the answers he got were not favorable. Many told him to take his meds like a good boy and just get over it. Finally he went to a doctor that focused in functional medicine. It was important to this young man to find a doctor that had "sweated through medical school" and could understand the world of alternative medicine and traditional medicine. He did find one who did a number of tests on him to find that his blood glucose was not normal. The doctor suggested to remove coffe, proccesed sugar, and alcohol from his diet. At first the young man blew the doctor's suggestions away. However when things got really bad and he was close to suicidal he began to take this doctor seriously. He did as the doctor instructed, and you know what? His symptoms went away. Origionally he had been diagnosed with bipolar and most doctors would have said that his little experiement was impossible. But it worked, he is now medication free and free of his symptoms.
    Here is the link to his article. Warning there are a few cuss words and it is a long article, but it is worth the read.