Friday, September 6, 2013

Not for nothing but.....Sobriety Can.........

So, I'm writing this because I believe some people may want or even need to know.  If there are any males that read this, I apologize ahead because you will probably think TMI. I don't know but maybe there are similar symptoms for a male which I am going to research and put out here too. Of course with different equipment you have different problems and that goes without pointing out those specifics in today's blog.

Today I will only talk about my case in hopes that someone will say hey, I experienced something similar and my experience went something like....... The interesting thing is that many of these symptoms crept up on me and could even be attributed to something else but now that I have stopped drinking and gotten my hormones evened out, many of the symptoms have decreased or gone away completely.  By the way my sober days are now 116 days and counting, very close to 4 months. According to research, it takes 6 months just to reset your body to your BA(before alcohol) state, and one year to reach full benefit. So, I am not even to 6 months in yet and am looking forward to experiencing that feeling.

So, as for my improvements. I have to say that because of my age (54) you may say to yourself, well those things are from age, not alcohol use. However the combination of both can pack a wallop. First the symptoms:


Constant peeing(I told you it was embarrassing). Yep I was the potty expert. I never went to a place where I didn't have to go. Shopping, a restaurant, during the middle of church, a movie, whatever or where ever I knew where all the facilities were. It got to where people would ask me before we left if I needed to go. I mean really, how old am I?

Hot flashes, oh yes ladies mine were the worst, or at least so I thought so. After trying Amberen for three or four rounds, which by the way worked to a certain degree, but not while you are drinking, I began searching for other, better solutions. On the nights I had my habitual glasses of wine I would catch fire. Not only the next morning but within 30 minutes of consuming alcohol the inferno began. Every sip of wine was like throwing a log on the fire. The hot flashes were unbearable.

Puffy eyes

Dry skin

Did not feel like exercising most days, because of  headache and fatigue from waking up several times every night sweating.

Carbohydrate and sugar craving

No doubt when I was younger my body healed faster,was more tolerant, and recovered easier from the alcohol use. But not anymore.


I have to say that now all of these things have either improved or gone completely. I no longer have to find a bathroom immediately or often(I can hold my tea/coffee), my hot flashes occur rarely and are not severe(I use bio identical hormones). Important note: When I first started using the bio-identical hormones, although on a regular basis they help tremendously, I noticed that when I drank alcohol I still got hot flashes and slept terrible if at all. 

An extra benefit has been that I lost 12 pounds. Yes, I changed my diet but I find I don't crave carbs and sugar anymore so the change came naturally, and I eat less because I need less. I did not go on a diet. As you probably already know alcohol interferes with fat metabolism. A liver can only do so many things at one time people.

I am exercising again, almost daily. I miss it when I don't!

I sleep like a rock.

I have energy.

I notice I heal better and faster from cuts and bruises.

Best of all I wake up feeling good, and ready to take on the day and I seem to tolerate stress better. 

Well that's it for today. Got to get moving, would love to hear of your experiences out there and how your sobriety is going, if it's going........My encouragement to you every day because it really is "One day at a time."

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