Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Obama Care?? We need new medicine, not just more pills

Forks Over Knives(Cookbook also)
The Last Heart Attack
The Weight of The Nation
Supersize Me

Eat to Live
Skinney Bitch

Our food addiction is killing us! Please watch these videos when you have a chance. The weight of the nation has about 3 parts I think. It has been a while since I watched it so not entirely sure. They were all well worth my time to watch. Our eating habits effect every aspect of our lives, not just our health but the environment, and the cost of medical insurance in this country. Here we are in the throws of a government shutdown because of Obama Care when we really need to do something about why health care is so expensive. Could it be because we are so desperate for it? Because so many Americans are so sick!

We heap the problem of our health on our healthcare system when what we really need to do is take responsibility for our health. Stop gorging on the wrong foods. Put money into  growing more vegetables and less into the meat and dairy industry. If we didn't eat so many animal products it would reduce the effects on the environment, stop disgusting animal treatment,  heal our fatty hearts and livers thus encourage less heart disease, and possibly even less cancer. This is where research money should be going. Want to cure cancer? How about trying to starve it? Dr. Campbell's research is genious!  Even macrobiotics has been around forever. Why has this not been explored?

I am now trying the (plant based diet) vegan diet even though I grew up on a beef producing ranch. If I can go against my upbringing so can you. Lets do what we can as individuals to improve our own health and live productive lives.

Let nutrition be they medicine.     Hipocrates

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