Saturday, November 16, 2013

Overview of current issues in nutrition and good reads and video

After having a lovely couple of days to visit with two of my family members that I love very much, and finding out about the struggles with nutrition of some of my family members I decided to write down an overview of my thoughts and conclusions for them. This blog certainly does not cover all facets of nutrition but only a few current and controversial issues.

You probably already know that nutrition is a hobby of mine and I have done tons of reading so thought I would send you some stuff to "chew" on since you are in a "get healthy mode."  Here are some books and videos you may want to watch and read. 

These books are not in the order of priority, just how I thought of them. They are good reads and very informative with some good research to support themselves.

Eat to Live

The No-Grain Diet

Going Against the Grain

The China Study-plant based   By T. Colin Campbell.

Dr Esselstyn Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. -plant based.  Dr. Esselstyn and T. Colin Campbell basically did the similiar research from different backgrounds but leading to the same results.  

Any book on the paleo-diet, they all preach the same thing.- lots of meat

The Engine2 Diet-plant based---Dr. Esselstyn's son- he's a firefighter in Austin,TX. 

The 17 Day Diet is what Mike used to lose 30 lbs. I lost 10. This works but you have to maintain the healthy life style. There is too much protein for long term (for my taste)but if you are healthy starting out with no medical conditions it will get your weight off, and fast.  If I were trying to lose weight quickly this is how I would go just to get the weight off.

The Ultra Mind Solution-by Mark Hyman- This book got my oldest daughter off her meds. She has Bi-Polar II. The medications she was taking are responsible for destroying the delicate chemical balance around her nerve synapses and is why she reacts so violently to stress and some allergens. She is actually still getting used to having emotions. She walked around in a stupor for around seven years.  I am so proud of her for doing this, it was not a walk in the park. It is amazing what you can accomplish with good nutrition.


The Weight of the Nation- There are 4 parts. This is an excellent series about our diet in this country

Forks over Knives- Made by the China Study Dr. who by the way, was raised on a dairy farm.hmmmm

The Last Heart Attack- Title speaks for itself. Great video and not too long

Supersize Me- Most people have heard of or seen this one.

The China Study- This is great if you have heart disease caused  by high cholesterol, but with some issues because it is so extreme. Many may find it hard to follow due to it's strictness and end up with deficiencies that can cause problems.  

It's important to note that getting enough protein and B complex, especially B-12, as will as omega-3 fatty acids preferably from Flax Seed NOT fish oil is extremely important. Sources like tofu, tempeh,  whole grains, small portions of nuts, and seeds, and healthy fats from plant sources are necessary for our body's nervous system and cells to function properly. Nutritional yeast is loaded with B-12 and can be sprinkled on many foods with it's nutty cheesy flavor.  The China Study talks in detail about the dangers of dairy food. I agree  that we are not cows, so why do we drink their milk and products of their milk.? The research shows that the casein in other animals milk can contribute to and feed many types of cancer.  This makes perfect sense to me. 

There are many books on the paleo-diet claiming that we should eat like our ancestors but it is important to note that our ancestors ate meat periodically. They were hunters and gatherers. Meat was not consistently available. Even the indians killed buffalo while following the herds and many times would wake up and find that the herd had moved on putting them again without a meat source until they found another. During this time of scarcity, which could be days to weeks or longer, they survived on plants, roots, seeds, and fruit, thus balancing out their diet and cleaning out their arteries. The cave men had the same type of access to meat and animals. In America the availability of any type of food at anytime is what is killing us. The typical American diet consists of some type of meat and many times dairy at every meal.

People in Asia have the lowest rates of cancer and heart disease for a reason. They consume more non-gmo soy products, plant foods, fish, little to no dairy from cows or any other animals, and meat is used as a garnish in very small amounts and certainly not at every meal, and sometimes not at all.

Just as importantly eating whole unprocessed foods is key. Anything out of a package should be avoided. I'm not talking about products like Quaker  Oatmeal that has one ingredient. I am talking about products such as sugary cereals, packages snacks. Most packaged foods have umpteen preserving ingredients, which I won't address because that is a whole other subject. But you get my meaning.  Cardiovascular disease is attacking our children for a reason.

Last but not least. Avoidance of alcohol. Alcohol slows the metabolism and makes it more difficult for our bodies to burn fat, and contributes to hormone production and certain cancers. This is more important for women than men.  Men lose weight easier and faster than women any way. Turkeys@!!

Anyway hope you find something in here  that is of use and will help you on your healthy lifestyle journey!

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