Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why Alcohol is Really Poison and Sabotages Weight Loss

I know we are all on the battle of the bulge. I know it's a constant battle for me. I wanted you guys to read this article. It really explains the role of alcohol in our weight loss efforts. One fact  I didn't realize. It reduces testosterone in men up to 23%, and increases estrogen.  The estrogen increase is well publicized because of the breast cancer increase in women caused by alcohol consumption. I believe it increases the incidence of breast cancer by 50% in women drinking more than 3 -5oz  glasses of wine per week, or 3 servings of 1.5oz of liquor, or 3 beers.  Men can get away with a little more but it all boils down to the same thing alcohol is seen by the body as a poison. 

I hope that doing all this research is going to get me to stop completely one day. No promises but I am working towards this goal. Go CARLY for stoping for 1 year

Here is the article:

Women, alcohol, and breast cancer:

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